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God is limited to acting on our behalf when we don't pray, since prayer gives Him permission to get involved in our lives.  To have a successful spiritual life we must pray and fast more.  Fasting is self-denial. Fasting should become part of your spiritual walk because it brings you closer to the Lord by increasing your faith and it helps you overcome the enemy.  There are various reasons why people fast.  For instance, a better job, better health, self-development, financial blessings are a few motivating factors to name a few. There are different types of fast like Daniel Fast, Esther Fast, but for more information on fasting do the research to increase your knowledge.  Before you choose a certain fast, it is important to look at your needs, occupation, and medical condition when making your selection.  Sometimes due to certain conditions, fasting of a non-food activity like watching television in place of food will suffice.  The Holy Spirit will lead, guide, and direct you when to fast. During those times, be obedient to the Spirit. 

When you pray, pray in the name of Jesus, and believe that you evoked heaven and will receive what you ask for.   Add a special touch to prayer by speaking in tongues.  In order for prayer to work you must forgive all those that offended you.  Try prayer and fasting and see how it influences your life.


Do you have to pray in your prayer closet?  A prayer closet can be a special room or a special place to commune daily without distraction with God.  There are times when people have to find that space to mediate day and/or night.  If possible, go to your prayer closet.  However, you can pray anywhere and at anytime.  It's easy!   While in the car; in the elevator; in the grocery line; waiting at your doctor's office; while exercising; just start focusing on Jesus and speak to Him.  If people are around, pray to the Lord in your mind.  Be creative as to where to sneak in a prayer or two. 

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