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JesusnYou Welcome Parents

Dear Parents,

Thanks for allowing your child(ren) to attend the JesusnYou Vacation Bible School (VBS).  In order, to have a successful week supplies will be needed. Please read below the supply list.


Note.  All the supplies can be procured from a dollar store except for the Duck Mirror, which cost about $4.00 at Walmart. Estimated cost for the supplies is about $30.00 for the week.  Please have a snack available for each class.


This is a self-paced course.  Although you may have registered for a specific time be aware that since this is a self-paced course attendance can be at any time. The time your child attend the class is up to you.  Preferably in the morning around 10 am. To attend the class go to the JesusnYou top menu and click on the Vacation Bible School tab.

We encourage you upload your child's finished project.


Vacation Bible School 5-Day Course ( Click on the link below)

VBS Day 1 go to

VBS Day 2 go to

VBS Day 3 go to

VBS Day 4 go to

VBS Day 5 go to

5-Day Itinerary

(Estimation times may vary)

Start Time 10:00 AM

10:00- 10:04  Click on 1. The Jesus n you Virtual Vacation Bible School Welcome

10:05 -10:10  Click on 2.  The Lesson Plan

10:10-10:15  Complete the Learning Check!

10:15-10:20 Holy Pockie Schuffle

10:20-10:25 Breaktime to set up Arts and Craft Supplies

10:25 -10:40 Art and Crafts

10:40-10:45 Clean Up

10:45-10:50 Snack Time

10:50-10:58 Sing Along

10:58- 11:00 Prayer

10:40 Sing Along, Puzzle time, coloring, post pictures of your crafts

11:00  Closing Prayer

Supply Needed for 5-Day's of VBS:

Day 1:
Piece of cardboard or foam board
Duck Mirror
Scissors or etcher (Parent please assistance  your child with this endeavor)
Pencil and crayons
Decorations like stickers, decorative eyes,  yarn, stones,  or any supplies for crafts.

Day 2:

1 tsp olive oil
1 cup plain flour
1/2 cup Elmer's glue
a few drops of vinegar

Bowl,spoon, or craft stick to mix 


Thin straw

Baby lotion

Optional: Food Coloring

Day 3:
Milk Carton (Cardboard preferred)
Duck Tape
Marker or Paint
Hole Punch 

Scissors or etcher (Parent please a
ssistance  your child with this endeavor)

Optional decorating supplies like sticker, beads, etc.
Optional- Glue craft sticks for the roof and front porch or even sized twigs can be used.

Bird Seeds (optional)

Day 4:

Paper (Card stock) for drawing
crayons or markers


Gift tissue

pipe cleaner

Day 5:
12 pieces of Uncooked Rigatoni Pasta (Additional options use rigatoni or ziti)
12 pieces of Uncooked Ruote Cartwheel Pasta or Wagon Wheel Pasta
Piece of string to fit hang down your neck.

Optional:  Paint

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